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Another 5 kilos down!


You read right!

I lost another 5kgs. That’s around 9lbs for all you people who use the imperial system.

My husband’s lost around 15kg (30lbs) in total, and I’ve lost a minimum of 12kg (23lbs) in total so far.

Yeah! I’m really happy.

I’m eternally grateful for the help I’ve gotten along the way with this.

I’m going to keep on losing weight steadily til I reach 72kg (140lbs).

On top of that, the exercise I’m doing is incredibly enjoyable.

This morning I finally succeeded in juggling 3 balls for over 10 catches.

Tomorrow is Aikido time, and I’m looking forward to that.

Shout out to all you other folks working on weight loss, too.

Have a go at The Circadian Diabetes Code by British author Satchin Panda

Australians can find it here:

Everyone else can find it here:

And people who like audio books can find it here:

Note: these links are not affiliate links, I genuinely think this is a good book to read.

If you want to support my page, you could check out my stories or cards 🙂

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Benefits of Counselling for RainbowSunshine444 (Part 3 of 5).

I lost a friend recently.

I lost her because I choose not to go down with her ship.

I have written about this previously here and here.

I want to write about some of the blessings of counselling for this person.

They might read it, they might not.

You are reading it though, and it might help you, too.

In Australia, many people have the perceptions that health care workers only cause illnesses, they don’t fix them.

This is not always true in my experience.

Pine needles against a camellia hedge.

I have met health care workers who have given me a lot of knowledge about my blind spots.

I have also met health care workers whose main role in my life was to suggest books and training for me.

I read Russ Harris, Martha Beck, Joe Dispenza, John and July Gottman, Johann Hari, Mario Martinez and many others.

Another health care worker told me about how reading fiction books can increase empathy.

That year, I started giving all my students novels for Christmas. The effect of that research spread to the health care worker which spreads out through me into my students and on.

One health care worker taught me about asking for help.

She taught me that we all need someone to tell us about our blindspots, and asking for help to know what they are is one of the best routes to that.

She did a Lot of work with me on compassion.

She taught me that abuse is never OK. She taught me to recognise what is and is not abuse, and to try to stop abusers in their tracks.

She taught me what the abusers play book looks like and feels like.

This is one PDF about perpetrator tactics that helped me.

She taught me that defending myself is OK.

“Never attack. Never attack. But be an absolute expert at stopping harm to yourself and defending yourself and others from those who wish to harm you.”

“Never attack. Never attack. But be an absolute expert at stopping harm to yourself and defending yourself and others from those who wish to harm you.”

Those are some of the lessons I’ve learned from counselling.

South Sydney Uniting Church's crucifix.

I pray for the happiness, awe and delight that is part of my daily life to continue.

Any one else who wants to pray for that for themselves, I can highly recommend it.

Super Cool Aikido Video from

Note: There are no affiliate links in this post. Yes, even the links to amazon are not affiliate links. I actually believe in this stuff, I’m not writing it for money.

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Competition Time: funniest review wins!

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Song for a Healthy Mind

Drum roll please…..

Let me introduce my new novel!

Song for a Healthy Mind by Practical Gill.

It’s one woman’s journey from feeling suicidal towards feeling sane.

It’s about some of the help she’s gotten along the way, and some of the causes of the feelings.

I sincerely hope that you like it!

99c on the Amazon Kindle app


Let me introduce my new novel!
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