Reasonable bookkeeping for female small business owners.

Some notes about my service:

I follow the rules.

  • The helps you because although in the short term you might end up paying slightly higher regular payments to the ATO, in the long term you are far safer and less likely to be investigated, fined, or face other ATO nightmares.

I am open about problems.

  • The reason this helps you is because you will know where your business stands. Sometimes the best people to have around are the people who will take action to stand up for what’s right; people like me will often do work to stop harm happening when clients have genuinely tried to do the right thing.

I am flexible with hours and work arrangements

  • I am not BAS registered, but I can help you with BAS as an employee. As both an employee and a contractor, I can help you sort, process and enter your data, navigate the ATO websites, provide some basic financial knowledge/calm commonsense and I can produce reports that you can use to make sound business and financial decisions with.

I undertake professional development

  • As a bookkeeper I work closely with accountants and other financial professionals such as advisers and mortgage brokers. I also take at least two subjects or courses per year in the areas of finance, law and business. This keeps my knowledge fresh and helps me help my clients and employers.

Three Case Studies:

Ms Lighthouse

I’ve been doing Ms Lighthouse’s books quarterly or monthly for many years. I follow her business ups and downs and make sure she is organised with regards to her tax and super. I make sure she’s got reports about her profitability and I liaise with her accountant who is also a female small business owner. Ms Lighthouse moved overseas a few years ago, and I have continued to manage her bookkeeping for the Australian side of her business.

Ms Weightloss

Ms Weightloss is a specialist who hires me occasionally to help her set up her accounting software (Xero) for her admin staff to use. She has used my business for several years to help fix mistakes, manage and improve systems and ensure smooth running of her business. Ms Weightloss is a female small business owner and I liaise with her and her accountant who she chose for his honesty and the fact that he is from the same cultural heritage as her.

Ms Work-Life-Balance

Ms Work Life Balance is a champion finance person who has worked her way to the top of her game and is busy reaping the rewards of a life well lived. She occasionally hires me to help her with the books for her female clients setting up programs or doing monthly bookkeeping work.

I am on Xero, though I haven’t done much social stuff on there.

Let’s build something great together