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Competition Time: funniest review wins!

Win a 10 pack of greeting cards from PhotoCardBeauty with your own personalised message on the back or the inside.

You get to pick which cards and what message you want on the back and on the inside.


Head over to Song for a Healthy Mind by Mrs Gill Robson on Amazon Kindle.


Head over to Abundance by Mrs Gill Robson also on Amazon Kindle

Purchase the story ($3.99 AUD, 2.99 USD ).

Read the story (34 pages).

Leave a review (between 1-5 stars).

Leave a comment on this post with a link to your review

The funniest or most original review wins the greeting cards.

No nastiness please


This will be judged by me on June 20th 2023

Votes, comments, and likes of other people’s reviews will be taken into consideration

No discussion will be entered into

An announcement will be made on this site


You will have from 20th- 30th June 2023 to chose which cards you want and your messages.

On 30th June the cards will be printed and posted to the address you provide via the contact page of this website.

Good luck!

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Song for a Healthy Mind

Drum roll please…..

Let me introduce my new novel!

Song for a Healthy Mind by Practical Gill.

It’s one woman’s journey from feeling suicidal towards feeling sane.

It’s about some of the help she’s gotten along the way, and some of the causes of the feelings.

I sincerely hope that you like it!

99c on the Amazon Kindle app


Let me introduce my new novel!
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Although fat people can be beautiful…

Although fat people can be beautiful too, I’ve gotta admit I’m super excited to have lost weight.

A dress I had that was previously tight on me now has around 20cm (8 inches) of space at the sides.

My Doctor’s scale reads 7-9kg (about 14-18 pounds) less than the last scale I stepped on.

This morning my undies nearly fell off me, and I walked over to my husband to show him and he said

“Look you’ve got a new handbag!!” Meaning the space in the undies between my tummy and my hips.

I’ve also gained muscle. I can lift my 4kg (8 pound) weights much more easily.

I have more endurance, more stamina, and more flexibility. I’m more aware of my body in space.

It feels good.

On-wards to 72kg!

I’m so grateful for the help I’ve had.

Some of that help is from the businesses and organisations below.

Note: these are not affiliate links, these are businesses I genuinely support or have taken advice from myself.

Jason Fung

  • He writes smart books that are easy to read
  • Lots of great youtube videos
  • Fascinating books about longevity, epidemiology, and intermittent fasting

Satchin Panda (this is a link to the Conversation, he doesn’t appear to have his own website).

  • He writes books about time restricted eating, and the body’s rhythms
  • His books are easy to read, conversational and have lots of info
  • He writes about stuff that is unusual, and that everyone doesn’t write about

Michael Mosley

  • The classic weightloss and health guy
  • Fascinating personal journey
  • Great TV shows
  • Great books

Terry Wahls

  • Fascinating personal journey
  • Says she has healed her body of most of they symptoms of MS
  • Interesting dietary ideas

Mario Martinez

  • He doesn’t say the same things as everyone else, but he sure does do research
  • Not an easy read but still worth the effort
  • He’s a good speaker, my husband and I went to his workshop

Get Healthy NSW

  • Free dietician service from NSW Government
  • Has helped me to lose weight in a big way
  • So grateful.

Phil Baird

  • Super fit
  • Great trainer
  • Tip top bloke
  • Patient and perseveres
  • Life long learner

Aikido Australia

  • Thank you.

And many more 🙂

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Grey Shades and Honesty

“When the straight talk is rooted in support and love, with specific statements of things to improve, rather than coming from a place of trying to hurt my feelings or trying to demonstrate their intelligence, I hear it better and it gives me something to actively work on.”


This amazing blog came to my attention recently. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


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Review: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Love London Real because of the depth of the conversation and the interesting questions that he asks.

I love to listen to inspirational youtube videos. The ones I like aren’t the ones that promise to make you the ‘world’s greatest’ or give you unattainable or grandiose, hyperbolic dreams of success.

The ones I like are the videos that contain processes that can lead you step by step to success through doing small regular actions.

I like to watch people who use words like productive, practice, regular, continual, growing, meaningful, contributory, valued, asset, creative, progress.

I like videos that talk about the aggregation of small gains.

That’s exactly what James Clear talks about.

Small daily habits that can literally change your life, and how to go about making them and putting them into place.

Love this guy for the science he puts into his work. Warning: lots of advertisements.

My husband and I decided to get into a really good savings habit.

One of the things we saved for was our wedding. We got married during COVID lockdowns, so we never had a party.

We saved $50 per week for several years, and we ended up with our party.

The aggregation of small gains meant that we had enough in our ‘party’ bank account to pay for gifts for our guests, as well as a wonderful lunch with trays of food for everyone to take home.

We are so blessed to have people like James Clear on our radar teaching us how to do well.

We’ve reduced our spending on the ‘party’ account now that the wedding is over to $50 per fortnight.

Now we’re saving $50 per fortnight for an amazing new flute for me (as well as all the other stuff like investments, property, etc).

Thanks for reading my blog! I love putting money into future good!

Please note: there are no affiliate links in this blog, and I don’t get any income from the owners of the website’s links I’ve put here. They are all businesses I either use or respect.