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Review: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Love London Real because of the depth of the conversation and the interesting questions that he asks.

I love to listen to inspirational youtube videos. The ones I like aren’t the ones that promise to make you the ‘world’s greatest’ or give you unattainable or grandiose, hyperbolic dreams of success.

The ones I like are the videos that contain processes that can lead you step by step to success through doing small regular actions.

I like to watch people who use words like productive, practice, regular, continual, growing, meaningful, contributory, valued, asset, creative, progress.

I like videos that talk about the aggregation of small gains.

That’s exactly what James Clear talks about.

Small daily habits that can literally change your life, and how to go about making them and putting them into place.

Love this guy for the science he puts into his work. Warning: lots of advertisements.

My husband and I decided to get into a really good savings habit.

One of the things we saved for was our wedding. We got married during COVID lockdowns, so we never had a party.

We saved $50 per week for several years, and we ended up with our party.

The aggregation of small gains meant that we had enough in our ‘party’ bank account to pay for gifts for our guests, as well as a wonderful lunch with trays of food for everyone to take home.

We are so blessed to have people like James Clear on our radar teaching us how to do well.

We’ve reduced our spending on the ‘party’ account now that the wedding is over to $50 per fortnight.

Now we’re saving $50 per fortnight for an amazing new flute for me (as well as all the other stuff like investments, property, etc).

Thanks for reading my blog! I love putting money into future good!

Please note: there are no affiliate links in this blog, and I don’t get any income from the owners of the website’s links I’ve put here. They are all businesses I either use or respect.

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Review: Derek Dammers Youtube Channel from a Marketing Perspective

On Derek Dammers’ youtube channel, he’s fishing both for living humans and living fish. He’s a salary man, who fishes in his spare time, and is slowly turning his favourite hobby into a business. He has fished for forty years around the harbour, rivers, and lakes of Sydney. He’s an extremely technical person, and a bit of perfectionist. He’s also patient and quite gentle, which makes him a good teacher.

Here are some of the great things he’s done:

  • Visual acuity and slow motion. This channel is perfect for visual learners. Anyone who wants to watch again and again and again to perfect their casting technique can.
  • Beautiful settings and surrounds. Each of these videos is shot in areas of great beauty both formed by humans and natural.
  • Short Videos. The longest video is 40 seconds long. This succinctness means that there is no superfluous information and you never waste your time watching.
  • Thoughtfulness of shooting and subject. If you’re looking to improve your physical know-how, this is a great way to do it. He’s really thought about how to teach, and what to teach, and he’s done a good job.

Here are some of the things he could improve:

  • Not everyone is a visual learner. Some people need to hear a story, or might need words to understand what you’re doing.
  • Credentials. Derek is a teacher, trying to set up a business as a teacher, but he’s establishing his credentials as an expert, rather than a teacher.
  • Accesibility. If you’re trying to teach beginners, or less experienced fishermen, they’re not necessarily going to understand what you’re doing right, and what they’re doing wrong


  • Add a couple of 2-minute videos explaining what’s happening in the short videos
  • Put up student testimonials, and videos of lesson before and afters
  • Do a beginners series for those going fishing for the first time
  • Embed a button in each video with a Call To Action leading to what you’re selling

Overall, a great channel for anyone who wants to learn fly fishing or anyone who wants to see some great photos and videos of Sydney Harbour.

Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEc6ld_-5SihhuXYn0o57wQ


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