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Obituary NJ 1954-2003


Someone I knew before I left my family in 2021 died on Friday. He was a disagreeable bastard but still a human being.

NJ was born in 1954 in London, England. He came to Australia when he was four with his parents and two brothers. His father was in the British Navy and his mother was a housewife.

NJ grew up on a Naval estate in Sydney where he was best friends with a sociopath who is now serving multiple life sentences in gaol in NSW with more gaol time to go in South Australia when he’s done.

They spent their time raiding the artilery ranges nearby for bombs and bullets, putting cats in clothes drying machines and stealing cars to pick girls up in.

NJ met his 15 year old wife by driving up and down the streets of Penrith hollering at women. He subjected her to multiple counts of physical abuse until she left him in the year 2001. He subjected her to emotional and financial abuse until the day he died.

He has three sons, born between 1970-1982. Each of those sons is a criminal who has been to gaol for such crimes as assault, drug dealing, drug possession, malicious wounding with intent to kill, possession of firearms, membership of criminal organisations and more.

NJ had 16 known grand-children and 2 known great-grand-children. Many of those grand-children are the unintended consequences of brief liaisons. Adults and children alike are almost all addicted to meth-amphetamines, barely educated, and some are involved in organised crime or prostitution.

NJ leaves a legacy of harm to our society, to our children’s future, and to the world. He was the sort of man who would buy scratchies, scratch them, and give the non-winning ones away as birthday gifts.

I pray for his soul. I pity the poverty of his life. But I won’t miss him. Not even a bit. I won’t miss him at all.

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