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Crazy Neighbour


In 2017 we had a couple move to our building who had violent domestic violence style fights.

She wanted him to leave forever, he kept coming back and they both lost their tempers frequently.

Last week I was sitting eating dinner in a pub and a complete stranger with bruises on his face sat down opposite me and asked if I remembered him.

Turns out that couple are still together and he’s trying to get sympathy and spare change out of people in pubs.

6 years.

6 years they’ve been in their DV relationship.

Who put That voodoo curse on them? To be so unhappy for so long.

He didn’t get much sympathy or any spare change, but he got advice.

“You don’t love her. She doesn’t love you. You need to leave her and never go back. Domestic violence is not OK.”

He said “OK” and we prayed together that he would have help to get a job and to stay away from her forever.

Lying in my husbands arms that night after my aikido class, he remembered that couple as the pair who doubled his strata’s insurance bill by making multiple claims for broken windows.

There but for the grace of God go we. Thank you, thank you, thank you for my sane steady husband and our doting relationship.

Thank you.

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