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5 Types of Husband Love


Have you ever known someone who you love so much you’d happily be with them forever? If you meet that person, you should marry them!

My husband is the best. I’ve decided to make a list of his awesomeness.

1. He appreciates me. Even though I’m not perfect, he still loves the little things I do for him. He gets a little 6am backrub to help him get up. We’ve not had takeaway in a fortnight cos I’ve cooked his dinner. He said thanks every time.

2. He tells the truth politely. I sometimes make mistakes or assumptions that he doesn’t like. When I do he tells me in simple language and we talk it through. We can always find common ground to walk through it.

3. He apologises if there’s an issue. Sometimes my husband makes small mistakes. He is always the first to apologise, and whenever something big comes up, we work through it.

4. He is smart and funny. My husband makes so many jokes and we have some good intelligent complex enjoyable conversations. I love spending time with him hearing his stories.

5. He tries hard. My husband tries all the time to improve and optimize. He works hard to learn and get better. Im so proud of him. I love him.


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