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Honesty Time: Weightloss Woes

Well, my weight’s gone up and down like a yoyo in the past 3 months.

First I was in hospital for five weeks for a gaslighting treatment (Australian special).

While I was in hospital I couldnt eat meat and salad (my diet foods) I was pretty much forced to eat bread, potatos, corn, peas, carrots, and lots of sugary yoghurts.

Despite that I still lost weight, but when I got out of hospital I craved bread and pasta and sugary foods.

Duh dong.

With those cravings, I put on nearly 5kg (10lbs) over 2 months.

This morning I’m proud to say I’m at 178.5kg nearly back to my lowest hospital weight (177kg) and I’m revving up to lose another 20kg this year.

I’ve got help from:

Get Healthy NSW

Satchin Panda

Jason Fung

Michael Mosley

Gin Stephens

Rachel Naomi Remen

And many more.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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