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Mole Removal

I had a small cosmetic procedure done several weeks ago.

Results have been good and I am happier and happier.

I had a mole removed from my right forehead.

That mole is gone but not forgotten

To me that represented removing all of the sins that other people had comitted that I had embodied.

Other people’s sins are gone now though Ive got about 100kg to lose that represents my cousins abuse of young kids and multiple other moles that symbolises my mother and father’s abuse of young kids and each other.

Im sad that younger me didn’t know any better than to try to be Jesus and accept the embodiment of their sins on me.

Thank God I’m an adult now, I’ve cut ties with them and I’m in the process of making my body represent the person I am rather than the person my abusive family wanted me to be.

I’m so grateful for the help I’ve had to realise what I was symbolically embodying and to give those sins back to the person who committed them.

Nothing to do with me any more.

Praise God.

A blessing a day with me!

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