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Life of belonging

Last night I watched Mistletoe Farm on Netflix, and the inclusiveness in that story made my heart very happy.

Nobody who did bullying behaviour was rewarded. Everybody who was community minded and who helped each other out was rewarded. It didn’t matter if you were gay, straight, white, black, fat, asian, arabic, thin, read head, old, young, a woman, a man or what. Everyone was included as part of the community. Everyone was valued, kept safe, and helped. Everyone had a place and everyone belonged. I thank God for movies like this, and movies that depict this type of show.

In the end the characters came together as a community to create magic, and health and peace was restored. One man even got his Dad back after 30 years.

In this day and age we have so many opportunities to create communities. I’m building a life with a community of people who value each other and respect each other’s contribution. One client said the other day “this is absolutely fascinating. Keep going!”

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