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Gratitude for Communication

Today I am grateful for communication– I get so much help with this.

Recently my husband had a sore neck. He needed some tenderness from me.

I was able to rub his neck gently and calmly, to give him panadol, and to reassure him that it wasn’t his pain, and he had no need to be in pain.

My husband has the right to a life free from harm, pain, and disease.

We are blessed in Australia to be able to exercise these rights most of the time, and to have benevolent help and beneficent and kind guidance.

I am so grateful for the help I get to communicate in ways that help others.

One thing I’m praying to God for today is for the ability to study well.

I pray that every-time I read or listen to something for my studies, I feel 1% of happiness.

If most people start out reading at a -10%, they only need a little bit of of a buzz to make it fun and useful and gainful.

So I pray that whenever I read, study, or listen to lectures, I feel 1% of happiness.

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Gill Robson.

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