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Women Deserve a Voice and a Life

Today I had a client who was very excited to go and see The Little Mermaid…

From memory, it’s the story of a young woman who gives up her voice in order to win a man. In Hans Christian Anderson’s version, she eventually gives up her life to save that young man. Voiceless, she ascends to heaven.

I’m sorry– but do we not have better role models for young girls these days?

It’s so important for women to have a voice.

It’s so important for women not to have to sacrifice everything they are, everything they have, for what? For why?

Our young women deserve a voice and a life.

I am incredibly grateful for my voice, my life, my awesome husband, and my blessed lifestyle.

In other news, the NSW Department of Education has responded to my pleas not to be assaulted by taking away my ability to study and to teach.

Duh Dong.

News flash– women don’t want to be assaulted. We don’t want to be incited to commit violence either.

This makes us less of a risk! In fact, women who hate violence as I do are generally not a risk at all. Certainly, I’m not.

One thing I’m praying for today is that anyone reads this blog sends a quick email to Edward Issa from the NSW Department of Education supporting this position.

Their webform is here:

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🙂 Gill Robson.

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