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Grateful for Memory

One thing I asked God for today:

I asked for the truth. I asked to know true things, to remember true things, and to have all my memories intact.

I ask to remember every experience I’ve ever had– not all at once, but to have access.

I ask to remember every true piece of knowledge I’ve ever learned, whenever I need it.

I ask for all my prayers to God to be interpreted in ways that help me to reach my goals and in line with my personality.

I ask God to never forget the important things in my life.

One thing I’m grateful for today:

I’m grateful for my motor skills.

I’m grateful for the ability to type, to make music, and to move with ease and grace.

I’m grateful for the times I spend training my reflexes by juggling and catching balls, and the time I spend working on my motor skills.

I’m grateful for fine motor skills that allow me to use chopsticks and eat with a knife and fork.

I’m grateful for the time I spend doing art and drawing or painting.

I’m incredibly grateful for my motor skills.

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