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Husband Gratitude

One thing I ask God for today:

I want to have an experience of being loving towards someone.

In my heart, I want to experience the feeling of being full of hope and love for someone.

I want this experience to be used to help me to have a good relationship with a person who is safe.

I never want to be taken advantage off to meet someone else’s goals to my detriment.

I want to enjoy loving someone today.

One thing I’m grateful to God for today:

I’m grateful for my husband.

He is stalwart, steadfast, and loving.

I am grateful to God for his capacity to think and behave ethically and for his support through a difficult time in my life.

I am grateful for his love.

I am grateful for his trust.

I am grateful for our relationship.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, God.

Highly recommend John Gottman for relationship advice:




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