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$1000 bucks!

My rule for myself used to be: “Always be doing at least one course”

Now my rule is “One subject at Uni, at least one skill based course, and least 10 mins per day of language and music”

This allows me to work full time between multiple jobs, have a social life, complete PD hours, AND still aim for the stars at uni.

If you want a uni that supports it’s students to have a ‘real life’ and at the same time get great marks– try CSU.

They’ve just given me an academic prize of $1000 and I want to thank them so much for this support.

CSU ranks 67th in the world by Times Higher Education for their impact.

I do truly appreciate their support.

There’s also a great blog about the benefits of life-long learning here:

Hope everyone enjoys their day 🙂

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