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Newsflash: Person eats on own!

This week in my teaching PD I came across a young person who was most upset because they didn’t know how to eat on their own.

Luckily, being a music teacher, I know how to teach a fine motor skill. I’ve got a lot of help with this, and I’m incredibly grateful.

Over three lunch sessions that young person went from bawling to beaming because they were feeding themselves with the spoon for the very first (second, third) time.

It made me reflect on some firsts for me this week:

First time I stepped on the scale in my home in a while (current weight according to that scale 180kg! 20kg Lost!).

First time I did community service for Ausgrid (a very enjoyable hour of my day– hoping to focus on listening to my uni lecture a bit better next time, though).

I beam at my firsts in the same way as that young person.

Isn’t it wonderful how we keep the capacity to learn and grow as we get older?

Isn’t it wonderful having the ability to think and create and synthesize and evaluate information?

I am so grateful for these abilities and I want to keep them. Thank _____.

Happy learning!

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