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Although fat people can be beautiful…

Although fat people can be beautiful too, I’ve gotta admit I’m super excited to have lost weight.

A dress I had that was previously tight on me now has around 20cm (8 inches) of space at the sides.

My Doctor’s scale reads 7-9kg (about 14-18 pounds) less than the last scale I stepped on.

This morning my undies nearly fell off me, and I walked over to my husband to show him and he said

“Look you’ve got a new handbag!!” Meaning the space in the undies between my tummy and my hips.

I’ve also gained muscle. I can lift my 4kg (8 pound) weights much more easily.

I have more endurance, more stamina, and more flexibility. I’m more aware of my body in space.

It feels good.

On-wards to 72kg!

I’m so grateful for the help I’ve had.

Some of that help is from the businesses and organisations below.

Note: these are not affiliate links, these are businesses I genuinely support or have taken advice from myself.

Jason Fung

  • He writes smart books that are easy to read
  • Lots of great youtube videos
  • Fascinating books about longevity, epidemiology, and intermittent fasting

Satchin Panda (this is a link to the Conversation, he doesn’t appear to have his own website).

  • He writes books about time restricted eating, and the body’s rhythms
  • His books are easy to read, conversational and have lots of info
  • He writes about stuff that is unusual, and that everyone doesn’t write about

Michael Mosley

  • The classic weightloss and health guy
  • Fascinating personal journey
  • Great TV shows
  • Great books

Terry Wahls

  • Fascinating personal journey
  • Says she has healed her body of most of they symptoms of MS
  • Interesting dietary ideas

Mario Martinez

  • He doesn’t say the same things as everyone else, but he sure does do research
  • Not an easy read but still worth the effort
  • He’s a good speaker, my husband and I went to his workshop

Get Healthy NSW

  • Free dietician service from NSW Government
  • Has helped me to lose weight in a big way
  • So grateful.

Phil Baird

  • Super fit
  • Great trainer
  • Tip top bloke
  • Patient and perseveres
  • Life long learner

Aikido Australia

  • Thank you.

And many more 🙂

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