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Marriage, a Poem

This is a reply to the MTB: Two by Two prompt on dVerse Poet’s Pub

It’s not strictly couplets, but it’s my take on the subject matter.

Hope you enjoy!


I know which one is my husband’s breathing

As I listen at the top of the stairs

He arrives, smiling, on the third floor chest heaving

We have a kiss—my fingers in his hair

My husband knows the difference between discretion and valour

He thinks I don’t—but I’m not sure if that’s true.

I watch him when he’s sick—his pain; his pallor;

Stroking his head, and rubbing his shoulders, too.

The daily cares we soothe each other,

Discuss the hours we’ve spent in other’s lives

Talking about philosophy and science,

I hold him close and comfort when he cries.

I married a man of integrated kindness,

Though neither one of us can cope with too much pain,

We slip into the ocean ‘never mind us!’

Or walk the forest paths for inner gains.

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Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Marriage, a Poem”

  1. You’re right. This has no couplets. The dVerse prompt was to write a poem with couplets. This does not qualify. Lovely to have you participate at dVerse, but the pub asks folks to follow the prompt. There is an Open Link Night….some Thursdays we have OLN and then a person can post a poem of their choosing – no prompt. This would be good to post for an OLN. This does not follow Laura’s prompt.

  2. Thank you for participating in the prompt….unfortunately, as you indicate, this poem is not written in couplets. The prompt is to write in couplets. Might you change the format to do that, please? As Laura is unable to “tend the pub” I am overseeing the prompt. Sadly, if you do not change the post to include couplets, since it is not following the prompt, I’ll have to delete it from Mr. Linky. I do hope you can change it to adhere to the prompt…as I’m certain many will enjoy reading it. I’ll look back a bit later today to check. Again, so happy to have you here at dVerse but we do ask folks to follow the prompts.

  3. I am so very sorry. This post, while very well done and memorable, does not fall within the parameters of the prompt. The prompt is to write in couplets. Hence I will have to delete it from Mr. Linky. I do hope you will rewrite it and post again, writing it with couplets.

  4. “I married a man of integrated kindness” ~ Such a loving description. This poem is a wonderful and honest look at marriage. We are going to be celebrating our 3rd anniversary soon and have learned so much about one another already. Your poem speaks to the emotions, the bond… Well written.

    1. Congratulations on your third year of marriage! Craig and I have been together for 8 years, but we only got married last year. He is my snuggle bunny and I love him.

      Thank you for your comment.

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