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Three Things Challenge #M28

This is my response to the three things challenge from pensivity101

Shopping: Bargain, Parking, Shelf

Contractual relationships– our lives are governed by parameters and hierarchies. Breaking free of it leaves me breathless, searching out: faith, friendship, family, and work that serves the community.

And I know that Kmart doesn’t pay their workers right, but I catch myself searching for bargains. Who can resist those $2 bouncy balls?

Always hurrying my shopping so I don’t have to pay for parking, adding one more book to shelves crammed with books and ornaments.

Then complaining that I don’t have enough.

In reality there’s plenty of honey in the cupboard; I’m safe.

9 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge #M28”

      1. I have spreadsheets for practically everything to do with running the house. I budget for the year ahead, so 2022 is covered and I’m working on 2023 now. 2024 will see us with major hikes as our fixed tariffs for energy expires in October 2023. and broadband in April 2024.

      2. Wow! Well done. We have a FIRE spreadsheet, and a fortnightly budget. We don’t budget to that level of detail, as my work is on and off so we need some flexibility. I’m really impressed by how organized you are.

      3. Thank you. It’s been a case of having to be as our income is limited and we’ve always had to make a little cover a lot. I am dreading 2023/2024 to be honest as our energy bill will at least triple and food prices are going through the roof now.

      4. I know, it’s crazy. Have you ever read anything about investing to ensure a future income? There are some good books around.

      5. I’m too old for that now but we manage pretty well, especially as we don’t have to pay the taxman anything! I was in finance for years so learned good money management skills.

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