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Husband’s Loving Hands


Can you think of a completely natural couple’s ritual that brings good sleep and feels great? One that is soothing, low cost, and doesn’t require a great deal of effort or attention?

I can.

And is just so happens that my husband is great at them. 🙂

It’s back massage!

Massage is effective to aid:

Victorian Gov Better Health

Massage may induce:

Victorian Gov Better Health

We have an awesome massager that originally came from The Body Shop

Straight after massage, we usually release lots of endorphins with dry brushing.

Dry Brushing may:


A dry brush is like a hair brush for your skin.

Finally we take out the Lavendar Moisturiser

Lavender seems to have:


Cheap Cheats Recipe for Lavender Moisturizer:

¼ Cup sorbolene cream with or without glycerine or other plain moisturizer

Between 2-10 drops of lavender oil as preferred

Between 2-10 drops of other essential oil/s as preferred

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