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Dense living shoots, and The Tantrum


Dense Living Shoots:

There once was a balcony aloe
It’s dish was surprisingly shallow
But it still made new shoots
And dense living roots,
There’s no need to leave your heart fallow

The Tantrum:

He screams, he cries,
He’ll thrash his little legs
And rub his eyes
The innocence of disarray
His behaviors I can not deny

Unless I look deep into the heart of things, and breathe.

There’s no training for his family
To deal with their son’s complex needs
Navigating systems that can’t cope
Half my role is give them hope

That a valuable life has nothing to do with living up to a pretend ideal of what passes for normality.

He drew an ‘H’ in the air today,
I could’ve cried ‘Hip Hip Hooray’
He’s learning how to train his mind
Now how to teach him to be kind

To get him through to the excellence, mastery, bravery, and vulnerability that I hope will make him a brilliant adult.


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